Dunlop’s commitment to expanding the performance envelope of this new race tire did not stop with higher grip. Dunlop also offers a feature that allows this tire to last longer by making the rear tire bi-directional.

Racetracks typically put more wear on one side of the tire than the other. The bi-directional GP-A Pro rear tire can be flipped in rotational direction to get more laps out of the tire. This versatility helps club racers and track-day riders stretch their tire budget. But it also pays off at the pro level. AMA regulations allocate five fronts and seven rear tires for a double-header race weekend. Now, using bi-directional tires, teams can run a practice session with a “refreshed” tire that has been flipped around and save a new tire for timed qualifying, for example. With Dunlop’s innovative bi-directional technology, riders of all levels can benefit.

The GP-A Pro features many innovative tire construction technologies developed by Dunlop in recent years, including:
–Carbon Fiber Technology (CFT)
–Jointless Tread application
–N-TEC radial tire construction
–Continuously wound Jointless Band (JLB) aramid-fiber belt
–Continuously wound hex-beads
–Intuitive Response Profile (IRP)

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